The Heavenly Party

The Heavenly PartyDrawing upon her rich Jewish heritage, Michele integrates sacred and secular using pilgrim festivals and symbol, ritual and liturgy.

She explains what true celebration is, with ideas and resources for celebration at home or in the wider community.

Christians should have the best parties!

Price: £12.99 (Paperback)
ISBN: 978-1854248350
Publisher: Monarch Books


How about this then, theology with recipes! Michele Guinness has done it again: she has explored with her irrepressible humour a range of ideas to do with St.Paul’s command to “Rejoice in the Lord always - again I say it, Rejoice!”
Faith is a serious matter, but who says it has to be dull? Michele’s ideas and ideals are captivating and her imagery inspiring. This book dances like fire on the imagination and kindles a warm glow on the heart. To read Michele Guinness is not so much to read as to see.
This is a really wonderful book that really adds a bit of pizzazz and spirituality to all your festivities throughout the year...and the recipes are delicious!
Irresistibly infectious, Michele not only writes about a joyful partying spirit but lives it and draws us into it too. This further rediscovery of our rich Jewish heritage should blow church cobwebs away and make us a people of sparkling joy as well as truth.
Michele Guinness has a mission - to change the way Christians so often short change themselves and the world at large of the joy that Jesus purchased for us.

Recipe Alterations

Tangy Lemon Slice
The two teaspoonfuls of cornflour should be added to the lemon filling, not the pastry.

Mother-in-law’s Meat Loaf Roast Alternative
Contrary to the instructions, there is no filling. All the ingredients should be mixed together.

Squidgy Chocolate Truffles
The truffle mixture can be left in the fridge for some hours before you roll into balls. In fact, the firmer the mixture the better.

Date Traybake
Several people have complained that this is hard to get out of the tin. It certainly is if it is overcooked - even a little, so remove it from the oven when golden, rather than dark brown. To be on the safe side - line your tin with greaseproof paper, or some other non-stick liner.