Life with the Big Brutes!

Posted 7 June 2018 by Michele Guinness

Not a breath of wind today. The six wind turbines that surround our property stand silent and still. I’m really glad of it. Will I see them out? I’ll certainly do my best. But I fear the damage to our beloved France may be irreparable. Read More »

New, superior eye candy on the Town Hall wall

Posted 23 Jun 2017 by Michele Guinness

A new face on the town hall wall to whom we must all bow in obeisance! Superior eye candy to his predecessor, M. Hollande, it must be said. Though I’m not sure about M Macron’s icy blue eyes. Read More »

How one company has managed to abuse a hidden corner of rural France

Posted 17 Feb 2017 by Michele Guinness

Last Monday they arrived - the vans, tractors, caterpillars, diggers, caravans and portaloos, the panoply of construction vehicles needed to destroy one small corner of French countryside. Read More »

A View From the Bouche of the Cheval

Posted 2 Jul 2016 by Michele Guinness

In 2005 we too had a referendum on L’ Union Européenne and 52% voted “non”. But Sarkozy ignored it. So very French. A terrible travesty of democracy. And Europe ignored it. Read More »

There was once a farmer... where have I heard that before?

Posted 18 Jan 2016 by Michele Guinness

There was once a farmer who let a field to a hard-working tenant who always delivered his rent and tithes on time. One day the farmer discovered that wind turbines were coming to the village... Read More »

A Hamlet At War - Part Two

Posted 23 Oct 2015 by Michele Guinness

So to return to part two of the “stabulation” or cow invasion in massive hangar saga... Read More »

And so, war breaks out – once again!

Posted 5 Oct 2015 by Michele Guinness

It was a fantastic summer - day after day of glorious sunshine, with temperatures never lower than 26 degrees. All except for the day of our fortieth wedding anniversary party which was grey and drizzly. Read More »

A Helicopter, A Murder and A Suicide

Posted 19 Jun 2015 by Michele Guinness

Much has changed in our little hamlet since I wrote Autumn Leave - unusual for a French “trou perdu” or “lost hole” - their word for “out in the sticks”. Read More »

Vive La France

Posted 19 May 2015 by Michele Guinness

Anyone who thinks owning a house in France is the ultimate idyll, think again. Or are we the only ones to face constant threats to our tranquillity, view, finances, well-being and general peace of mind? Read More »

The Pain and Pleasures of a New Home

Posted 14 Apr 2015 by Michele Guinness

I awoke in my new home, sunlight streaming through the makeshift curtains, reached out across the bed and patted an empty space - no husband. What time did he get up? Read More »

The Joys of Moving Home

Posted 2 Feb 2015 by Michele Guinness

Moving must surely be one of this short life’s great time and money wasters. All that sifting, sorting, shifting, shredding, scraping, scrubbing, scouring, sweeping and packing - only to do it all in reverse at the other end. Read More »

Growing old gracefully and why keeping your teeth helps!

Posted 6 Jan 2015 by Michele Guinness

One of the most difficult things about retirement is that it reminds you that you’re getting old. All those childhood dreams of what you might be when you grew up are over and done with. Read More »

The Joys of What’s to Come

Posted 25 Nov 2014 by Michele Guinness

The reality of retirement in all its implications of change and decay didn’t really hit me until September. To be honest, I hadn’t had time to think about it! Read More »


Posted 10 Nov 2014 by Michele Guinness

Quite a number of my friends seem to be dying - which is very inconsiderate of them, as I miss them - more than I could ever imagine. You share so many stages of life with your peers. Read More »